Comment # 6 on bug 113 from
Looks like the front-end didn't properly fix the AssociativeArray() abstraction
in 2.064, and the back-end is still being given junk AA types where structs are

This should be probably fixed in 2.065 or 2.066 IIRC with Daniel's fixes that
remove AssociativeArray entirely from the compiler and switches AA struct
template implementation over to UFCS.

In the call:

    param_4 => AssociativeArray(null) of type string[string];


I suspect changing this line would fix also:

module db.pool;
     InputRange!(immutable Bson) execTransaction(string[] commands
         , string[] params = [], uint[] argnums = []
-        , string[string] vars = AssociativeArray!(string, string)()) shared
+        , string[string] vars = null) shared

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