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On Wednesday, 2 October 2019 at 09:26:56 UTC, materus wrote:
C# works so what's preventing D to work?

If you mean Bridge.NET[1], well, nothing in theory. Bridge.NET essentially implements .NET runtime library in JavaScript, and translates C# to it. Nothing would prevent implementing a D compiler that does the same to D -indeed, it would likely be easier thanks to lighter runtime library. But still, you'd need a lot of manpower -Bridge.NET has a company behind it, not just freetime volunteers. Bridge.NET is the main tool behind my commercial project, with some parts written in Spasm.

I feel that while the C# transpiler is excellent work and very useful, the challenge of doing a specialized JavaScript transpiler shows. It often has worse error messages than D compilers for errors of similar complexity, and you do run into a codegen bug every now and then. Also, the runtime library isn't completely implemented, and there are not very good docs about what's implemented and what's not. When you consider how mature language C# is, this speaks a lot IMO.

1: https://bridge.net/

https://blazor.net/ surely.

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