October 13, 2014
On Monday, 13 October 2014 at 08:06:45 UTC, kink wrote:
> The tests don't run with ninja, they really need make. Do I really have to install MinGW MSYS or does anyone know a better alternative?

Only the dmd testsuite needs make.
ninja is awesome, I also tested it :)
October 14, 2014
> Only the dmd testsuite needs make.

Thanks for the hint. I had to fix a linking error in core.stdc.fenv (the global _FE_DFL_ENV has been renamed to _Fenv0 in MSVCRT 2013+) and then get ahold of curl.lib & dll to get the test-runners to compile first.
My results are 82 segfaults:

druntime & druntime-debug): 5 segfaults:
                            * core.math
                            * core.thread
                            * core.time
                            * ldc.longdouble
                            * rt.lifetime
phobos: 34 segfaults
phobos-debug: 38 segfaults

So about 80% of the modules passed all their unit tests.
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