December 23, 2022

Since my last update I implemented the following checks using dmd-as-a-library:

I also experimented with a "custom lexer" implementation, that's the actual dmd lexer
but with the posibility to store all the tokens the lexer would produce. I think this could
be interesting for other projects as well and you can check out my implementation here

I also create this pr in dmd fixing a Location issue for StorageClassDeclaration.

Now as a small drawback I ran into the following situation: The dmd parser is actually a template that can use different AST families,
namely ASTCodegen or ASTBase. Well there are situations where a class from ASTCodegen has it's constructor modified. That would imply
that the coresponding class from ASTBase should implement the same constructor, but since ASTBase isn't really used anywhere in dmd
this aspect is pretty easy to miss. This was a bit tricky to me because I was not able to run the dub tests (because for dub we are
currently using the master dmd version, not a numbered one) and I was also confused by the fact that the makefile would work normally
(because in that case we use a specific dmd version).

I got that sorted out but still I need to add the modifications from ASTCodegen in ASTBase as soon as possible, and that will be my focus
going forward, as this is a blocker because at the moment all integration tests using dub would fail.

Thank you and happy holidays everybody!