May 12

This should be trivial, right?
I've been looking at existing D repo code for hours. Can't figure why TTF_Init doesn't work?
It would help if I could figure out how to use SDL_GetError()

INFO: SDL loaded v2.30.2
INFO: SDL initialized: 0
INFO: TTF loaded: v2.0.14
Error Program exited with code -1073741819

SDL_version v;
toStdout("SDL loaded v%d.%d.%d", v.major, v.minor, v.patch);
auto initSDL = SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING); // returns 0 on success
toStdout("SDL initialized: %d", initSDL);

auto loadTTF = loadSDLTTF();
toStdout("TTF loaded: v%d.%d.%d", v.major, v.minor, v.patch);
auto initTTF = TTF_Init(); // SDL must be initialized before calls to this library