February 19, 2023

On Friday, 10 February 2023 at 21:08:38 UTC, Dennis wrote:


I was thinking it could be improved by either allowing @"string" attributes, similar to @identifier, or by allowing a string literal after the unittest keyword:

unittest "Johny" {
    // Has @("Johny") as first UDA

This would provide a more ergonomic, standardized way of naming tests, and it's a very simple parser change (there's currently nothing allowed between unittest {).

In many other languages, unittests are regular functions with names, but Zig-test has this syntax for comparison:

test "Johny" {

Question to the community: do you name tests, and do you like the idea?

Personal vote: We write unittest names with spaces in, so unittest "the test" { } would be very nice.

The place that the string gets used is when invoking the test directly: build/TestRunner 'foo.bar.the test'.

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