March 29, 2014
On Saturday, 29 March 2014 at 13:31:36 UTC, extrawurst wrote:
> A couple of weeks have past and I wanted to give you a follow up:
> After a few of days watching and ironing out some quirks our company officially launched the first component in our framework that is actually D based:
> In the back there are already 3 separate webservices that are built upon vibe.d running in the amazon cloud.
> We really like how clean the design became and how well it scales. The next services are already planned.
> These are all new components that we used to give D an honest try and we are already confident that the existing (old) modules will gradually be reimplemented using D. This is great stuff for my dconf talk!

Have you written (blogged) more things related to this? (Like:
gains, cons etc.).

PS: I'm thinking about implementing something like this where I

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