June 21, 2020
On Thursday, 18 June 2020 at 09:00:42 UTC, zoujiaqing wrote:
> Now dlang string processing is complex, like this:

We've talked too much on this topic, I've found a number of DIPs, some string interpolation dub packages, either no-longer maintained, or does not fit my need. So I decided to just-do-it:


jdiutil: Just-Do-It util mixin

Some small util mixin to make (debug) life easier:

-- string interpolation for easy debug print: _S with var name; _s without var name
-- ToString will generate string with class fields content, instead of just plain pointer.
-- ReadOnly, ReadWrite declare fields without boilerplate code
-- Singleton, Low-Lock Singleton Pattern https://wiki.dlang.org/Low-Lock_Singleton_Pattern
-- AtomicCounted, atomic counter

Examples, check app.d:

public import jdiutil;

class Point {
  // declare fields
  mixin ReadOnly! (int,     "x");
  mixin ReadWrite!(double,  "y");
  mixin ReadWrite!(string,  "label", "default value");

  // atomic counter
  mixin AtomicCounted;

  // this is a Singleton class!
  mixin Singleton!Point;

  // debug print string helper
  mixin ToString!Point;

void main() {
        int i = 100;
        double d = 1.23456789;
        Point thePoint = Point.getSingleton();

        // multiple vars separated by ';'
        // _S with var name; _s without var name
        writeln(mixin(_S!"print with    var name: {i; d; thePoint}"));
        writeln(mixin(_s!"print without var name: {i; d; thePoint}"));

        logger.info(mixin(_S!"works in logger too: {i; d; thePoint}"));

        string str = mixin(_S!"assign to string with custom format: {i; d%06.2f; thePoint}");

print with    var name: i=100 d=1.23457 thePoint=app.Point(_x=0 _y=nan _label=default value _counter=0)
print without var name: 100 1.23457 app.Point(_x=0 _y=nan _label=default value _counter=0)
2020-06-20T22:31:29.053 [info] app.d:38:main works in logger too: i=100 d=1.23457 thePoint=app.Point(_x=0 _y=nan _label=default value _counter=1)
assign to string with custom format: i=100 d=001.23 thePoint=app.Point(_x=0 _y=nan _label=default value _counter=2)

This is my 1st dub package, suggestions welcome (please use the github issue, easier to track.)

Thanks for everyone on this forum who have helped!