March 14


I am playing a little bit with DMD to get familiar with it (just to get a basic overview of it)

I'm trying to come up with a proof of concept for

enum Tester
    KNOWN = 1,
    WITHAUTO = 2

void func(Tester a, Tester b)


void main()
    func(Tester.KNOWN, auto.WITHAUTO);

The idea is to reuse auto, basically do like tuple, create a StructDeclaration and inside put a VarDeclaration just to remember what is the identifier, then once it tries to search for the symbol, we hijack it and try to search globally instead

I came up with this:

It seems to follow the logic i have in mind, the problem is whenever i try to search for the symbol given the identifier i saved

I had to set the module as parent of the StructDeclaration created to get a starting point

The problem is the field members from Module only seems to list object module when it is trying to search for the symbol

There should also be Tester with should be an EnumDeclaration, why is it not listed?

Am i doing something incorrect (that's probably the case)

Anyway, i'm blind at this point, if someone could provide some guidance, that would be kind of you!