September 11, 2016

Mini-project for anyone wanting to contribute but doesn't want to deal with C/C++.

Way back in June/July[1], I started looking at preliminarily at codecov for continuous coverage as well as the semaphore platform we use for builds[1].  After geting a fix in [2] that allows only scanning the parts of GCC that relate to the D frontend, it is usable as-is, as per the small test I did when I had a look.

All that's needed is to tie the two platforms together. I guess it should be:

1. Create a parallel job in semaphore CI to build GDC with gcov turned on, optimizations off.
2. Decide if we should run testsuite, or unittests, or both.
3. Upload to codecov
4. Update README with new badge of honour.


[1]: Interesting coincidence that DMD independently started using codecov two months later.