June 13, 2005
Indigo is a project to provide general containers for D that look & feel like the Qt 4.0 container classes, and additionally harmonize very well with D specialities. This is version 0.8, containing the new Hash (with dup() and opEquals() missing), and some tweaks in Map. Next to come will be a Set.

You reach the docs under:
And the source under:

I really have to apologize for the plumpy statement that Map outperforms the builtin hash... One more second thinking about it should have made the impossibility of that fact clear to me. My performance test was clumsy at best, the results being less than 1/10 of the real times (interestingly this is due to processor cache effects, not because of some algorithmic detail ─ that really shows the importance of algorithm redesign with caching in mind). At least the new Hash seems to be a bit faster than the builtin one, at least for 500,000 elements.

Thanks & ciao