November 07
On Monday, 6 November 2017 at 22:25:48 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
> it seems binary compatibility is not provided across major versions.

Correction: ABI changes 'may' occur between major releases, and your binary may or may not run correctly, depending on whether those ABI changes are related to anything your binaries does - that is my understanding anyway. You can certainly take the DMD binaries and run them on 12 though. Beyond that, it just depends on what they're doing with regards to any change in the ABI. So one must study those ABI changes carefully, and consider their impact on DMD/PHOBOS etc...

e.g does DMD/PHOBOS make of the inode struct? If so, where? And, what types are being used for storing the elements of that struct? I'm not sure many of us are in a position to investigate that any further.

> Like Walter, I'd be in favor of supporting the latest only.

Can I presume, by 'latest' you mean the latest 'release branch' (which would be the 11.x branch).

If 'latest' actually means the CURRENT branch (aka HEAD), then that is 12, and it would be a mistake if that's is only what D was going to support (since most people wisely prefer to run a stable release branch (e.g 10.x, 11,x).

If resources are limited, then I believe resources should be prioritised towards the latest release branch (which is the 11.x branch).

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