May 07, 2004
In article <c7g17a$6ov$>, Phill says...
> My problem is that in the future some Synesis might see
>> some similarities on their code and mine and claim ownership
>> of something I wrote...
>> Ok here is the complete message I wrote last night:
>> *** original complete message ***
>> IANAL so I might be going overboard for nothing...
>> please enlighten me.
>> from phobos.loader:
>>  *              (ii) Any derived versions of this software (howsoever
>>  *              remain the sole property of Synesis Software.
>I understand your worries but:
>Im pretty sure the above means that if you alter his code
>it is still the property of Synesis.
>Im sure you would feel the same if somebody took your
>DUI or LEDS code, and altered it for their profit or gain.
>Im a bit surprised that Mathew hasnt commented on this.

Me too.

DUI is LGPL and leds is GPL.
(read the full license but )
This means that you can take any code and do whatever you want with
it as long as you continue to distribute the source and don't charge for the
code (and more).

If you enhance leds I will not own the code you wrote.
As I see it Synesis claims ownership of derived version and that might
include (IANAL) the new code written by someone else.
Obviously this group is not the right place to ask about these legal issues
but I would expect at least a small comment from Matthew.


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