July 10, 2016
On Saturday, 11 June 2016 at 04:11:59 UTC, Joerg Joergonson wrote:
> Are you using any of their source code from the vst sdk? If you hand re-write any of their source code, it is yours.

That could actually be considered to be a translation and a derived work. If you implement from a specification you might be safe, although some claim that APIs are copyrightable (questionable IMO).

January 13
I'm a little late (1.5 years) to the ASIO discussion party, but I recently wrote something for myself that may be useful to others:


I haven't published to DUB yet because 1) it's a pretty naive implementation and 2) I'm still very new to D, and 3) there's a built-in logging thing that will probably annoy everybody (which is why I need to spend more time with D, so I can learn The Right Way)

It's "batteries included" (DLL+LIB files for Win32/64), so you don't have to compile the C library yourself.

Note: it currently only really supports the ASIOSTInt32LSB sample type, because that's what all my test hardware uses; I have no idea if the other sample types are in common use with modern audio interfaces. But the C library also passes through ASIOSTFloat32LSB/ASIOSTFloat64LSB, so it would be very easy to modify the D wrapper to accommodate those, as well.

If the included example program plays silence, then you'll probably need a new sample type :)
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