December 25
interesting idea:

December 26
On Monday, 25 December 2017 at 19:41:49 UTC, yawniek wrote:
> interesting idea:

Yes, interesting approach.  Decentralized development has taken over, as the most-deployed OS on the planet, Android, is developed by a host of organizations and random people.  Of course, D development has been decentralized for a long time, since it went open source a decade ago.

Whether that particular DAO approach is the next step in language evolution has yet to be seen.  Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, as he himself notes.  There's currently so much money there that it's hard not to view this as a cash grab most of the time, but that Redlang guy seems to have researched the pitfalls more than most.

While I've argued in this forum in the past that D needs to have a better commercial approach, and suggested a recently popular way to do it, I'd be wary of jumping on the recent DAO bandwagon. I think some sort of DAO is the future, but the current cryptocurrency iterations have had problems.