July 01, 2014
On Tuesday, 1 July 2014 at 10:20:02 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On 2014-07-01 08:29, pgtkda wrote:
>> Okay, i created the missing folders. But now if i type this in my console:
>> C:\Program Files (x86)\dmd.2.063.2\dmd2\windows\bin>rdmd build base swt
>> (in C:\Program Files (x86)\dmd.2.063.2\dmd2\windows\bin)
>> Building dwt-base
>> workdir=>C:\Program Files (x86)\dmd.2.063.2\dmd2\windows\bin\base\src
>> dmd.exe @C:\Program Files (x86)\dmd.2.063.2\dmd2\windows\bin\rsp
>> The command "dmd.exe" is either misspelled or could not be found.
> As I answered to your previous post, you run that command in directory where DWT is located. You also need to be able to access "rdmd" and "dmd" from the command line, anywhere. I don't know how you have installed "dmd" but I looks like it's not added to your PATH environment variable.

Okay, i think i got the PATH variable. But now, i get this:

C:\Users\test\Downloads\dwt-master\dwt-master>rdmd build base
(in C:\Users\test\Downloads\dwt-master\dwt-master)
Building dwt-base
dmd.exe @C:\Users\test\Downloads\dwt-master\dwt-master\rsp
DMD32 D Compiler v2.065
Copyright (c) 1999-2013 by Digital Mars written by Walter Bright
Documentation: http://dlang.org/
  dmd files.d ... { -switch }

  files.d        D source files
  @cmdfile       read arguments from cmdfile
  -allinst       generate code for all template instantiations
  -c             do not link
  -cov           do code coverage analysis
  -cov=nnn       require at least nnn% code coverage
  -D             generate documentation
  -Dddocdir      write documentation file to docdir directory
  -Dffilename    write documentation file to filename
  -d             silently allow deprecated features
  -dw            show use of deprecated features as warnings (default)
  -de            show use of deprecated features as errors (halt compilation)
  -debug         compile in debug code
  -debug=level   compile in debug code <= level
  -debug=ident   compile in debug code identified by ident
  -debuglib=name    set symbolic debug library to name
  -defaultlib=name  set default library to name
  -deps          print module dependencies (imports/file/version/debug/lib)
  -deps=filename write module dependencies to filename (only imports)
  -g             add symbolic debug info
  -gc            add symbolic debug info, pretend to be C
  -gs            always emit stack frame
  -gx            add stack stomp code
  -H             generate 'header' file
  -Hddirectory   write 'header' file to directory
  -Hffilename    write 'header' file to filename
  --help         print help
  -Ipath         where to look for imports
  -ignore        ignore unsupported pragmas
  -inline        do function inlining
  -Jpath         where to look for string imports
  -Llinkerflag   pass linkerflag to link
  -lib           generate library rather than object files
  -m32           generate 32 bit code
  -m64           generate 64 bit code
  -main          add default main() (e.g. for unittesting)
  -man           open web browser on manual page
  -map           generate linker .map file
  -noboundscheck turns off array bounds checking for all functions
  -O             optimize
  -o-            do not write object file
  -odobjdir      write object & library files to directory objdir
  -offilename    name output file to filename
  -op            preserve source path for output files
  -profile       profile runtime performance of generated code
  -property      enforce property syntax
  -quiet         suppress unnecessary messages
  -release       compile release version
  -run srcfile args...   run resulting program, passing args
  -shared        generate shared library (DLL)
  -transition=id show additional info about language change identified by 'id'
  -transition=?  list all language changes
  -unittest      compile in unit tests
  -v             verbose
  -version=level compile in version code >= level
  -version=ident compile in version code identified by ident
  -vtls          list all variables going into thread local storage
  -w             warnings as errors (compilation will halt)
  -wi            warnings as messages (compilation will continue)
  -X             generate JSON file
  -Xffilename    write JSON file to filename
object.Exception@build.d(251): compile error
0x7617338A in BaseThreadInitThunk
0x77679F72 in RtlInitializeExceptionChain
0x77679F45 in RtlInitializeExceptionChain
July 06, 2014
On 2014-07-01 14:45, pgtkda wrote:

> Okay, i think i got the PATH variable. But now, i get this:

Hmm, that's look strange. I'll take a look at this and see what I can find.

/Jacob Carlborg
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