August 01, 2018
Just a tip for anyone struggling with code-d on Windows - try the VSCode Portable mode - . I had a lot of issues with code-d installation (dcd etc. didn't want to install properly), with portable version everything installed out of the box. At first I thought it's just the plugin that is broken, because I had no code completion or anything. Now it works. Not the best long-term solution because you have to update it manually, but it's better than nothing when everything else fails.

I even got the debugging working, with C++ debugger, but still, it gives me all the info I need :)

p.s. D could use a "recommended starting tools" section on Wiki or something. It's hard to find a recommendation for IDE and plugins that will just work anywhere on the website. Editor/IDEs list mention multiple obscure IDEs/tools with dead/obsolete plugins. Good luck finding a guide on how to set up debugging D on windows without using VisualD.