April 08, 2016
On Monday, 7 March 2016 at 23:22:05 UTC, L0g4n wrote:
> Hey guys,
> really quick:
> Does anybody know some alternative IDEs, IDEs, that are not listed here http://wiki.dlang.org/IDEs.
> The problem is, that DDT for Eclipse sucks really hard (Console input not working), for the IntelliJ plugin the DCD is currently not working well (Creator's voice).
> So what are you using to develop in D (preferably compatible with Windows & Mac OS X)?
> Best regards,
> L0g4n.

Oh L0g4n, if you only knew just how familiar your sentiment was...

If you're anything like myself and, say, maybe you're relatively new to D, love what the language offers, but haven't found the kind of creature comforts you're used to when programming for other languages, my best bit of advice to you would be: if you can at least work with what's available for now, at the very least don't give up on the D language.

I know of at least two rather different kinds of D development solutions that look like they will be available for the D ecosystem in the not-too-very-distant future. Sadly, none of the solution I'm thinking of would meet your standards at the moment, though :|

If you're desperate, e-mail me exactly which of options you've already ruled out, and hopefully I can suggest a temporary, mish-mash mashup workflow to get you working decently for now. Otherwise: just have patience if you can; a handful of nifty projects aiming to scratch previously unscratched D-development itches are being worked on, but all of them are in pre-release development stages. If you give it a few months, the development landscape should be quite different from what's available now :]

Anywho, just as importantly, you should note that this isn't just any place on the Internet you're posting. Many of the extremely dedicated, generous and very talented authors of D tools you're able to use free-of-cost today read these forums. I'm sure you just weren't really thinking about that at first, but with that in mind, you should probably put more care into how you phrase things. (Ie. if something isn't working the way you'd expect it to, say it isn't working the way you'd expect it to; don't just say "it suck really hard"! :P It's open-source; if you want it to work better, either offer constructive critique, or offer to fix what's not working.) So, if you didn't know they read the comments here, now you know ;]


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