July 28, 2020
Hello everybody!

Long time ago I created same topic, but got no reasonable response. Despite topic is quite important to EVERY single network app.

1. Why module 'std.socketstream' is removed? What a SERIOUS REASON was behind that?
2. Once thing is removed, FULL REPLACEMENT _must_ be provided. Specifically, things like "mysocket.readLine()". I want to hear from that "remover" where I should find this function? What classes I should use instead? Such things should be reflected somewhere in docs, modules, whatever. Breaking change cannot happen just by will - it should have 'cure'!

I know that there is 'vibe.d', but I don't count it as a solution, nor it's quality - it's 3rd party library (means it is NOT standard and not under serious maintenance) and it is NOT replacement to the socketstream due to simple reason: it's 'non-blocking' solution! (and quite big, BTW - tens classes instead of one SocketStream)
I need simple, blockable socket with readLine() function. I had it with standard Phobos module. Some smarty decide "you don't need it" (reading my mind???) and ... just delete it! Bravo! So... any solution after such "brave" action?

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