October 04, 2004
"If no catch handlers are there for the errors, then the program gracefully exits through the default error handler with an appropriate message."

However, the errors are written to stdout.  This means that if the output is redirected, the error will not appear to the user there and then.  Someone would run a program, redirect its output, and think that the program has run successfully since no error message has appeared. Only when he/she/someone else reads the output file, which may be ages later, is it discovered that the program didn't finish, but has written a message like "Error: Access Violation" to the file.  To me, this doesn't constitute gracefully exiting in any sense.

The default error handler should write the error message to stderr, not stdout.  That's what stderr's there for, isn't it?

June 20, 2005
A fix was written for this before, but for some reason Walter seems not ready to put in the patches that the patch for this depends on.

Therefore, I hereby contribute a patch to fix only this issue while leaving the dubious issues alone.

Now, as far as I'm concerned there's no reason not to land this in 0.128.  The sooner it gets in, the more time will be potentially saved and the better for the D public image.


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