May 26, 2005
In article <d72tl7$i0j$>, Sam says...
>I'm not sure if this is relevant here, but I am an expert .NET developer and I have used C++ (through Microsoft's managed extensions with the Visual C++ compiler) with the .NET framework.  Can the same be done with D or the D compiler?  If so, it would actually make D the language of choice for .NET development, at least in my book.  Or at least until the second version of C# comes out...
>By the way, I think it can be done and wouldn't be that difficult to do.  It's just a matter of who has the time to do it.  But I think a lot of people would be interested in .NET development with the D language................
>Or dare I say......................
>The D# language!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone already started a similar project (called, but it stalled (I
think due to lack of time). Here's some information about it:

I think he made use of D's open source frontend and combined it with his own backend in VSC++.

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