December 30, 2011
Hello everybody.
I'm trying to write a DLL in D. Everything is actually working fine, until I reach FreeLibrary,
which terminates the test program (written in D) with code 0x1. DllMain is called correctly,
and seems to run through. But I never reach the lines after the FreeLib call.


When I write the same program in C++, to test the DLL, I have a similar problem, although the program doesn't crash. Nothing is printed, after FreeLib, but it's still waiting for the input at getch().

C++ Program:

I'm still new to DLLs, or rather system programming in general, and actually have near to no idea, what could be going wrong here.

December 30, 2011
It appears as if the following code in the detach case solves the problem:
> std.c.stdio._fcloseallp = null;

I'm not sure why though... why is the call such a problem, that even crashes the application, and doesn't it have any disadvantages, not to call it?