October 19
Hi all,

this is my 4th (and a bit late) update for the first milestone in #SAoC2020.

As of last week, my plan for the week was to:
- emulate a microcontroller with qemu xPack [1];
- to run some applications on the emulated device to see if the druntime is working properly.

As I was expecting, I had a few problems and this is what I managed to do:
- I think I am close to emulating a device (I have some problems with some interrupts on the board)
- I tried linking the druntime with a TockOS application. But the druntime was statically build and also microcontrollers don't support dynamic libraries. That's why I am getting some 'undefined reference' errors ([2]). I think this problem is very important and must be solved as soon as possible, because wether I am using TockOS or not, the problem will still be there.

My plan for this week is to:
- solve the 'undefined reference' errors.

This way, I will start a little bit late to stub the druntime to decrease its size, but I have to make sure I can test everything.

[1]: https://xpack.github.io/qemu-arm/
[2]: https://forum.dlang.org/post/erwfgtigvcciohllvaos@forum.dlang.org