March 22
I am Akhilesh Soni , an undergraduate student at International Institute of Information Technology(IIIT) , Hyderabad , India. I am interested in participating for GSOC this year and would love to contribute in your organisation.I have interests in Web Development,Data Analysis , Machine Learning , Natural Language Processing , Information Retrieval & Extraction , Data structures & Algorithms,.  I also got selected for ACM-ICPC regionals this year by securing rank 21 in ACM-ICPC Asia Gwalior online round and rank 62 at Asia Amritapuri Online Round. I love to do competitive programming and I have proficiency in various languages such as C++, Python , Html , Css , Js . I have also  relevant experience in these fields which include my research intership at I.S.R.O(Indian Space Research Organisation) , Samsung Research Institute , Bangalore , India and at D.R.D.O(Defence Research and Development Organisation).  I looked upon the project lists and would love to work on Project(Persistent Data Structures) and submit my proposal for the same.
I request you let me know the pre-requisites for this project and expectations for the above during the GSOC Period. I am hereby attaching my resume for your reference.
Link for Resume :
Hope to hear from you soon ,
Thanks & Regards,
Akhilesh Soni