February 15, 2002
I need help with my programming assignment and I'm totally clue less. Here's what I need to do:

A foreground/background real-time system is one in which tasks are
categorized into two sets. The foreground set contains all tasks that
are high priority, and
     the background set contains all tasks that are low priority.
Generally the background task or tasks do some non-essential (or non
time critical) work like
     RAM scrubbing, ROM check summing, instruction testing, and so on.
An example of a foreground/background system presented in class was the
     interrupt example, where the foreground was the ISR that
incremented counter and the background was just a polled loop.

     Your task in this assignment is to implement a
foreground/background system to create a time lock on a safe. The
background prints the current time and the
     unlock time on the screen. The foreground is tied to the PC's timer
interrupt and updates a timer variable. The program is to start by
requesting the user for the
     current time and also the unlock time. When it is time to unlock
the safe, the PC is to signal the user in some way. (Use your
imagination here).

Thanks everybody