May 13
Well, I need a simple VFS for my pet/toy game engine. And the only dub package that give me this... D:GameVFS. And it was abandoned some time ago.
So, I clone it, fixed & updated to work with D frontend 2.090, added travis and appveyor CI autotesting, documentation living on on GH pages, added package.d ...
I try to contact with the original author, and before waited some days for a response, I decide to publish my fork with a new name. So, if someone need a simple VFS, you can take a look to :

The initial release, 0.2.1, it's source compatible with D:GameVFS .

My TODO list for future versions, are :

* Rename modules to simplevfs.XXX
* Modernize the tests to use Silly
* Improve the test battery with more cases
* Check why it's using std.c.stdlib, and avoid using it. std.c.stdlib : fseek isn't compatible with files bigger that 2 GiB ( don't calls _fseeki64 )
* Work to make @nogc friendly, if I can... I need to check how works exceptions with @nogc code.