December 04

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--- Comment #1 from Stefan Koch <> ---
Hmm, I think if you are asking for a stack-overflow you should not be surprised if you get it.

This is one of these problems which you get by interpreting a turing-complete language at compile-time.

Introducing an artificial recursion limit has been done, but people (weka) had to increase it in their fork.

Checking for a limit is not _huge_ deal but it is work which does not have to be done.

December 04

--- Comment #2 from Dennis <> ---
Yeah, I don't know if/how this should be "fixed", but notably endless recursion
in CTFE:
enum a = f();
int f() {return f();}
Results in:
Error: function `onlineapp.f` CTFE recursion limit exceeded

While endless recursion in mixin without __traits(compiles, ...):
enum string s = "mixin(s);";
Results in, after a while:
Error: out of memory