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(In reply to Simen Kjaeraas from comment #0)
> The following code throws a VariantException complaining about different
> types (char and immutable(char)[]):
> unittest {
>     import std.variant;
>     Variant v = "";
>     v ~= 'a';
> }
> It's correct in some ways, but clearly a more useful behavior would be to concat the string and char and move on.

This shouldn't be a bug. Variant's design has strict restrictions on type qualifiers, because string = immutable (char) [], so the ~ operator restricts char. v ~= cast (immutable char)'a'; is possible because its qualifier is consistent.

For these limitations, you can see the unittest: https://github.com/dlang/phobos/blob/master/std/variant.d#L2655

There are many anomaly collection behaviors for qualifier inconsistencies.

I don't know whether it was intentionally designed to do this, or because it was temporarily done for the sake of simplicity. I think, if there are no other factors, it would be better to fix the variant implementation and remove these restrictions.