August 14, 2014

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July 13

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--- Comment #29 from Mathias LANG <> ---
There are way too many examples (some of which have been addressed, many still valid) for this to be actionable. A proper proposal would most likely take a lot of time and go through the DIP process, as it is a fundamental change to the grammar (regardless of its validity).

Trivial items such as protection attributes on class inheritance and redundant attributes have been addressed.

Some items are also documented here:

> I like the strictness of the Java compiler, it makes sure your attributes are all correct and meaningful, this helps avoid possible bugs.

To address this specific point: DMD being lax, while unsettling to some, is also great for generic code. There are quite a lot of cases where DMD being stricter would result in worst code because it would require some special casing in generic code.

Closing as INVALID.