March 05

dutils v0.2.0

dutils is a collection of whatever ideas happen to come to my mind,
currently dominated by a math library. More information can be found on the repo

What does dutils have to offer?

Currently, the only usable part of the library is the math library.

It's features include:

  • Arbitrary precision non-integer complex numbers that support all operations but exponentiation, possibly the first to be made with Dlang.

  • The ability to write and execute functions (see here for more information.)

  • Modability: Anyone can build off of the base framework by adding new types, and
    (hopefully soon) operators.



Or alternatively, the file which github refuses to show.


I am looking for someone (or multiple people) to review the code, so I don't commit anything stupid because I am the only one to review it.

March 05

On Sunday, 5 March 2023 at 23:56:43 UTC, Ruby The Roobster wrote:



To add to the last section: If you are looking to add a new type, DO NOT forget to add the name of the type to the typel enum in dutils.math.def, or it will not work.