May 04

Hi all,
There is unfortunately an error (!) in druntime CppRuntime version naming.

I think this arises from the wrong assumption that libstdc++ is bound to GCC and libc++ to clang. This is not the case. For those in the know, it is actually very confusing to read CppRuntime_Clang in the code. "What is that?!" Clang works with both libstdc++ and libc++ and it very much depends on the OS/installation/user which library is actually used.

I had to find this bit in d_do_test.d to learn what it stands for:

    version (CppRuntime_Gcc)
        envData.cxxCompatFlags = " -L-lstdc++ -L--no-demangle";
    else version (CppRuntime_Clang)
        envData.cxxCompatFlags = " -L-lc++ -L--no-demangle";

Ah, ok, so CppRuntime_Clang stands for libc++.

Please, please rename
CppRuntime_Gcc => CppRuntime_libstdcpp
CppRuntime_Clang => CppRuntime_libcpp

The -target option should be fixed similarly, but please debate that separately elsewhere.

I am happy to submit the patch with the rename, after I get your go-ahead that it will be merged.

Thank you very very much!

May 28
Sounds good to me.