April 11, 2023

I was pondering the famous worse is better philosophy. I've come to conclusion that there is actualy three classes of the systems.

  1. Not Good Enough.
  2. Good Enough.
  3. The Real Deal.

I believe we all had to deal with Not Good Enough systems produce by mismanaged teams.

Good Enough is different - the system has a noumber of well-known flaws but people learned to work around them and critically the system still does what the user aims to do.

Finally The Real Deal is the kind of product where you really do not know what to add or take away, it's flawless in the confines of its purpose.

As an example Steve Job and Apple are firmly in The Real Deal camp, or at least they strive to be. Bill Gates and Microsoft produce famously Good Enough systems, cheaper more buggy less polished but workable.

I firmly belive my taxonomy to be superior to the original essay on worse is better and frankly simpler.