December 05
I am writing this provocative question to point again to the funding campaign:

The status is encouraging if you look at the given amount in the relative short time:
First donation was 2018-11-10 and now 25 days later more at 60% of the given goal of $3000 is reached.

The 29 supporters gave an average of $62 per donation or nearly 70$ per day!

It is remarkable, that in the last four donations together alone where $1000.

First I think that this high volume donations are very cool and deserve a big thank you!

But second I would prefer many small donations showing an overall higher interest of the community. What do you think?

So wouldn't it be nice if the D Foundation would receive more support for this special task?

Hire a Pull Request Manager Nov 15 - Feb 14
In the D Blog:


p.s. And as the first weeks of work from Nicholas Wilson on this job already shows, this has a well recognized effect.