October 26
Update for week 1 of Milestone 2

During the first milestone I managed to do the following tasks for #SAOC2020 :
- familiarized with dlang-requests, std.json, cerealed
- familiarized with OAuth 2.0
- created a functional app written in D, that can list the content of the GDrive

Last week I:
- read protobuf documentation
- build protobuf example and understand how it works
- read gapic-generator documentation
- build Google Storage Client Library to see how it's generated and the connection with
the proto files associated (I noticed that there are no proto files for the APIs that I want
to use)

The plan for the next week is:
- read the documentation on how protobuf plugin works
- use protobuf-d[1] and grpc-d[2] to build the same library and check the output
- open an issue on github to see where I can find the proto files associated
with the APIs I want to use

Milestone 1 updates: [0]

[0]: https://forum.dlang.org/post/eaefvlbgikujonfjjzqi@forum.dlang.org
[1]: https://github.com/dcarp/protobuf-d
[2]: https://github.com/hatf0/grpc-d