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[SAoC 2022] Replace druntime Hooks with Templates: Milestone 3, Week 4
Dec 22, 2022
Teodor Dutu
December 22, 2022


This week I haven't made much progress with _d_arraycatnTX and _d_newitemT due to some deadlines for university. Hoping for a quicker PR, I started working on _d_newclass. Similarly to _d_newitemT, this hook is used to lower new C() where C is a class. I followed the same principle from the 2 hooks above: I added a new field to the NewExp class, called lowering.
During semantic analysis, the original NewExp is not removed like before, but this new field is set to the CallExp to _d_newclass. This makes for fewer code changes in e2ir.d and makes setting the context pointer for nested classes easier since e2ir.d already does that.

Also similarly to _d_newitem and I am also close to finishing finishing this _d_newclass. The only tests that fail now are some spurious errors that should only be printed for the original NewExp, but are now printed for the lowered expression as well. One easy way to solve them would be to just gag all errors while running expressionSemantic on the lowering, but this risks leaking some ICEs, like the one in this bug that I created a while ago.

Now that I'll get 2 weeks of holiday from university, I hope I'll have the time to finish these hooks and start working on _d_newarray*.

Merry Christmas!

January 02, 2023
With your work replacing the hook for new class, I expect people will start running into:

I've reopened it as a result.
January 02, 2023
Reclosed it, as it won't affect the hook (affects destroy but that works) ughhh. My bad.