October 14
Is there a way to make this in a nicer way without the string mixin?

private auto generateVector(CT, alias fun, T...)(in T args){
  static if(anyVector!T){
    Vector!(CT, CommonVectorLength!T) res;
    static foreach(i; 0..res.length) res[i] = mixin("fun(", T.length.iota.map!(j => "args["~j.text~"].vectorAccess!i").join(','), ")");
    return res;
    return fun(args);

The mixin expands to:
fun(args[0].vectorAccess!i, ..., args[$-1].vectorAccess!i)

And vectorAccess is a function with a template int parameter (i).

private auto vectorAccess(int idx, T)(in T a){
  static if(isVector!T) return a[idx];
                   else return a;

I tried with staticMap, but that vectorAccess is a runtime thing. Other than that I have no idea. I'm 99% sure DLang has a nice thing for this, but can't find it yet.

Maybe it is possible to put a thing like this -> [ args[0].vectorAccess!i ] into an AliasSeq and then give that inside the fun(), but how can I generate effectively an array of code?

Thank you!