March 06, 2023

tl;dr lets make generating videos like this easier:

Children's entertainment is awful post-internet; whether that be "elsagate", "poopys playtime", self-harm advocacy aimed at teenagers, etc. etc. etc.

While I think everyone is on board with reading at children pointing at the word you're on, is a part of how they learn to read. Soooo where are the videos of childrens books where they highlight the words?

It should just be a two-headed slideshow. My code for making that video was awful but 150 lines ish

Would anyone be interested in a) defining a data format b) making some reference programs c) throwing together a few dozen example videos of public domain books d) begging for money from anyone who complains about children not reading enough or that the internet is destroying culture. This was made with public domain readings(which there are 1000s from that site), public domain art, and stable defusion.

March 18, 2023

On Monday, 6 March 2023 at 16:15:26 UTC, monkyyy wrote:


tl;dr lets make generating videos like this easier:

things I could use help with rn

  • porting my build scripts for raylib projects to windows

  • finding a (short) public domain audio book, and several wallpaper sized images you think match it (

  • making an editing pass on my spec

  • demo generating a whole clothe video file with text rendering over images in d thats approachable( my current method is slow and terrible)

  • making a (github hosted?) website with fancy mission statement and other tropes of charity projects