September 13

I'm trying to build a wrapper around a lib written in C by having importC compile the .c files, and then providing a nice D API on top. My dub config file seems to be finding the C files to compile without issue, but it's not passing the include dirs for the preprocessor to find headers. Is there an option I'm missing or is there some way to get DUB to do this for me aside from passing like -cpp flags via dflags?

From my dub.json:

    "cSourcePaths": [
    "cImportPaths" : [
    "importPaths" : [

    "excludedSourceFiles" : [

And the what dub's actually running when it preprocesses the first .c file:

/usr/bin/cc -fno-blocks -dD -Wno-builtin-macro-redefined -E -include /opt/homebrew/Cellar/ldc/1.34.0/include/dlang/ldc/importc.h source/libgit2/src/libgit2/annotated_commit.c -o /var/folders/p3/6fcprxgn0xb77hzb031vm1_m0000gn/T/itmp-ldc-de8fa3/annotated_commit.i

Which has doesn't specify any -I flags