December 24

Hi people,

Working on Windows, I have switched from notepad++ & command line to Dexed, for a small project. It is indeed an improvement, particularly the DScanner feature and of course the one-key build.

Also feedback: I have used VSCode + D plugin in the past on Linux. It was fine but honestly it felt a bit complicated for small projects which are Dlang only, while Dexed is one-clic install.

Anyway, to the point.
There are quite a few options for highlighting, but I am wondering if there is a "dark mode" option somewhere that I have missed. Or, if someone has a configuration for highlighting which is darkmodish...


December 25
Here is his reply from IRC (after you left):

[01:37:57] <opDispatch> hi, only on linux.
[01:38:17] <opDispatch> it's because that depends on the widgetsets.
[01:38:30] <opDispatch> so on linux this is possible thnaks to gtk / Qt
[01:38:52] <opDispatch> but on windows this is not possible because native controls (aka WinControls) dont support theming
[01:39:11] <opDispatch> well... in the ancinet times there was uxtheme patcher ;)
[01:39:17] <opDispatch> ancient times
[01:39:20] <opDispatch> very ancient