March 15, 2019
On Thursday, 14 March 2019 at 03:48:22 UTC, zoujiaqing wrote:
> On Tuesday, 12 March 2019 at 07:11:15 UTC, ChangLoong wrote:
> I'm the founder of HuntLabs, and I'm also the co-founder of Putao company, and we've been working on creating a Chinese community for the D language, because we don't have a domain name for, so we use or as the main domain name for the Chinese community. I will give a speech on the 23rd of this month: using the D language to quickly build high-performance servers. ( )

I am quite impressive, and appreciate the work you has done for D open source projects.

Speak of high-performance network server, I am very interested. I has create a non-GC & betterC web framework,  current it can only work atsingle thread mode( like nodejs). I am think of bring some stuff like hunt-raft.

My betterC web server benchmark test on a single thread 4.8G CPU & macOS:

Running 3s test @
1 threads and 200 connections
Thread Stats Avg Stdev Max +/- Stdev
Latency 667.97us 89.25us 1.57ms 89.87%
Req/Sec 155.05k 2.50k 158.52k 70.00%
462662 requests in 3.00s, 35.30MB read
Requests/sec: 154033.41
Transfer/sec: 12.75MB

It is a pity that it is not convenient for me go to Shanghai attend the party. I hope I can have a chance to meet you in the future.

> You can add my wechat, we can together to build Chinese community.
> My wechat id: zoujiaqing

Got it, Already sent the request:)
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