April 25


Preface: I only returned to Visual Studio recently, haven't used it at all in years, so I might be asking something stupidly obvious.

I'm building code with dmd -i, and using VisualD for debugging the executable, i.e.

devenv path_to_compiled.exe

It does work, however IntelliSense highlights some issues, apparently since there's no project file where compiler options would've been set. For example, it reports modules being "specified twice on command line", highlights the shortened method syntax arrow, shows some other "errors" which are not actually errors. It's not that big of a deal, but it'd be nice to reduce that noise. Is there a way to do that without creating an actual project file?

Related to that, I can't seem to figure out even how to set a generic import path (i.e. tell it to include current working directory), and so I resorted to just adding an absolute path, although I'm not versed in VS macros so perhaps there's one for doing at least that?