May 09, 2020
Hi, folks

Hope you are all safe at home with that virus outbreak world-wide. And it's good to be back.

Being forced to lock down has it's ups and down. For one good aspect - I have found the time to re-implement and then (finally!) understand the beautiful meta programming technique called Lightweight Modular Staging by Martin Odersky et al.

In a nutshell - late binding + staged computation == DI Framework. Which means that if you ever used DI framework you have worked and understood the basics of staged computation.

Now if we add expression templates (or rather compile-time polymorphic expression trees) to the mix we what Martin calls Lightweight Modular Staging. I'm not sure where the modular part comes in but it's surely lightweight and powerful!

So without further ado, I'm announcing the v1 of DLMS (LMS for D) library:



There a few things that somehow fail at CTFE, I'll look into the workaround options, seems easy to fix though - the library is single ~350 LOC 0-deps D file.

I think it's feature complete for the time being I might expand it as I move on to build the v2 of Pry parser generator using this LMS library as the backbone in particular exploiting the partial evaluation capabilities.

Have fun and stay safe!

Dmitry Olshansky