October 30, 2009
Ellery Newcomer schrieb:
> Matthias Pleh wrote:
>>> Also, it took me maybe 6 months of reading through DMD's source to get
>>> something accurate together, and munging through syntactic and semantic
>>> ambiguities was more or less trivial (easier than in GOLD, from what I
>>> understand, though I haven't used GOLD), for what that's worth.
>> I have taken the hole grammar from the Digital Mars Hompage (the grammar
>> for GOLD is nearly the same, as on the homepage) and I also used the
>> same identifiers for the nonterminals, so when I get a conflict, I can
>> easaly consult the online documentation, to understand the conflict!
>> And with your admission I take also some parts from your grammar to
>> solve the conflicts.
> Note the reason I spent 4 months reading through the compiler is because
> the grammar in the spec is incorrect in many places. But yeah, feel free
> to use mine.

I just realised, it was not your grammar, which I tried to convert. It was the grammar I found in the lr-lalr project on dsource.org. (it seems
to be an abandoned project)

Now I spent the whole day to extract the grammar from the spec and bring it in a valid GOLD grammar. I fixed the first few conflicts, but I realized, that it will be an endless story to fix them all. It's to much to overlook at once. One should write the grammar in small steps. But anyway, I abandoned int and will use the JSON output for now. It's quite simple to parse and I think it's enough for the first step!
April 07, 2010
"Denis Koroskin" <2korden@gmail.com> сообщил/сообщила в новостях следующее: news:op.u1m30ituo7cclz@korden-pc...
> On Sun, 11 Oct 2009 05:19:56 +0400, Walter Bright <newshound1@digitalmars.com> wrote:
> I believe it won't work. It will always be slow and incomplete.
> Instead, I would make it easier to embed DMD into an IDE: separate DMDFE from DMDBE, fix memory leaks, remove all the static data (so that code would be re-intrable and it could work in different threads in parallel), move most of DMD code into a DLL so that an IDE could dynamically link with it and whatever it pleases with the source code.
> In fact, that's what I do right now.
> I'm writing my own D IDE in my spare time (in D, of course). I already made a lot of progress and now it's time to start implementing source code analysis.
> First thing I did is I made complete D bindings for C++ code. It worked out quite well but it was leaking so badly that I dropped it.
> Instead, I started porting DMD entirely to D (except the backend, of course), and I already got some great results. A few simple programs compile and produce byte-perfect binaries. It's still in its early stages and there is a lot of work to do, but it will be finished soon (hopefully). It could probably become a part of an official distribution, eventually. :)
> If anyone is interested and is willing to test and/or help, I will gladly share my code.

Hi, Denis!

I am beginner in D, but this theme is interesting for me - I very much would like to take part in creation IDE.

I am interesting. I'd like to help.
I hope I'll be able to help you?

Contact me please at sableteeth@gmail.com
Sincerelly, Sergey

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